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Beetlejuice panties for my bestie and I ❤️


Beetlejuice panties for my bestie and I ❤️

There’s one thing I know that is certain and it’s that you can’t fake happiness and you can’t fake love. Love is,

*when you take 3 to 5 hour bus rides to be with me

*when you clean up my puke

*when after dealing with 3 freeway detours, you stop at a cvs to get me a heating pad for my cramps at 2:30am

*when I’m wishing to watch Aladdin and you lug over your VHS player with all 3 Aladdin movies

*when you wake up early and way before me but I’m dead asleep in your arms and you don’t wanna move in risks you’ll wake me

*when you leave little love notes on my bathroom mirror and in cards and flowers.

*when you drive my car home so I can get some sleep before having to wake at the crack of dawn

*when you heat up my heating pad every hour throughout the night when you realize it’s cooled off

*when you let me get my way and buy you dinner

*when you take me grocery shopping

*when you walk 5 miles in the heat to get items to make me breakfast once I return home from work

*when you cook me amazing meals

*when you bring me my fave candy in bulk

*when you draw amazing art to match my themed room

*when you keep hold of my hand in the car, through crowds, and in the pool

*when you talk about our future

*when you plan our trips

*when you’re thoughtful to my niece and nephew

*when you look up places to move closer to me

*when you make sure I get home ok

*when I’m wearing lipstick and you kiss me like crazy anyways

*when you tAke care of me when I’m sick

*when you got excited about our surprise

*when you download my fave songs to sing with me

*when you sing to me

*when I wake up and you compliment my beauty

*when every Disney trip you make sure we get our cake pops

*when you put up with my obsession for donuts, Halloween, and all things pumpkin

*when you show me more love in 4 months what was never shown to me in 5 years with someone else

*when you comfort me in hard times

*when you go with me to my hair and doctor appointments

*when you wear matching shirts with me

My definition of love is you. I love us and i love you. People can learn to accept it or not. It’s all about just you and I regardless of assumptions and regardless of the past. You are my future no matter what anyone says or thinks. I couldn’t be any more happier than I am at this moment.